Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pens Can't Capture

Where is my pen,
I need to document,
This bullshit.
Before I ‘come too lazy,
With complicity.
Do you see what I see,
Man trying to be,
Other man says no,
“You stay low”.

Where’s my pen,
I’m write his pain,
This bullshit.
Before tomorrow came,
With simplicity,
I’ll tell what we see,
Woman tries to rise,
He knocks her down,
“Stay low hoe”.

Imma put my pen down,
The words they drag,
This bullshit.
Pull on my ducts,
Make my paper wet,
Do we really give fuck,
Would it come this,
If we gave a shit,
No tears for love.

By Badilisho

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dick Deeds

My dick has defined me,
From that thick vein that runs down the middle,
To the folds and the two moles on the side shaft,
They know me from the colorful descriptions that linger,
Descriptions that enter a room before I do,
Tales that are not near my full truth.
From the sticky white stuff that drips from their gaped butts,
To the sloppy stained sheets that hung to their sides,
The story grows without my consult or ear,
They know me from what was said in past years,
Untrue stories, started in a cold impersonal bed.
My dick has defined me,
As a player who can make your eyes roll,
Make your back arch and ache for more,
And while none of this is completely true,
It enters the room before I do.
I used it to make miserable souls temporarily happy,
They confused the gesture as some victorious notch,
If they knew the man attached there would be no tales,
And my dick deeds would not define the totality of me,
Instead, there would be regard for my slutty sacrifice.
By Badilisho

Monday, March 21, 2016

Coke Cunts

Slim guys with one long finger nail,
Waiting to inhale,
They’re fake bitches,
With tight britches,
Putting their sin before others,
You are judged,
By their noses, smudged,
With dust and pageantry.

Fitted shirts and a desire for skirts,
Not chased but worn,
They have the sniffles,
The shakes and easy breaks,
Yet the bitches never get anywhere,
You are heckled,
By losers and jackals,
Pageantry for more dust.

Your truth takes time,
The victory slow,
20 years later you’ll know,
They were the lost,
The cunts, the losers,
Your nose is clean,
Your nails no vice,
So fuck’em and be nice.

By Badilisho

Stop, Be Quiet and Close Your Eyes

Imagine if we were all born blind,
There would be no racism,

Imagine if we were all born mute,
There would be no arguments,

Imagine if we were all born without legs,
There would be no rush to run from life.

Our abilities disable our humanity.

If we were grateful for the things we can see,
Difference would be more like eye candy,

If we appreciated the chance to hear others,
We'd realize we are saying the same things,

If we viewed each escaping step as a burden,
We would know the benefit of stillness.

Humanity is waiting on you.

I dare you to be purposefully blind,
And see with your heart,

I dare you to go mute,
And speak with your actions,

I dare you to stand still,
And run your life.

By Badilisho

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Petty People

Each day of our lives is lined with a lesson. Some lessons linger around until you get it. My most recent lesson has hung around for the past few weeks.  I have seen nothing but the ugliness in people, in particular...petty people. It wasn't until tonight that I figured out the lesson.

Let's start with the two-faced cunt. She smiles in your face, and talks shit behind your back. Last week I was fed up with her mess. When she spoke with her fake slanted smile...the one she has used to talk shit behind my back, I just grunted at that ho' with a curled lip.  She got the point.  

Then there is the nutty professor. I put up with her shit the entire semester until I couldn't anymore. I decided to drop her class, and since then I have been at peace. 

The lesson I have learned is to leave people with their mess. The shit that comes out your hole is still yours, no matter how much you try to smear others with it.  

I'm breathing again...

Monday, February 23, 2015


"Sprinkles are for winners" < - This makes me chuckle every time I hear it.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

On Rotation:

Artist: Jazmine Sullivan
Title: #HoodLove
LP: Reality Show


I got a.45 in my Louis bag yeah
And I, I'm a always ride for my man yeah
If he got two strikes I'm a take the wrap
Cause that's what a real bitch do

Cause he always did what he had to do for me
I never have to worry 'bout a thing when I'm with 'em
More than the money and the clothes
And everything I know, is everything my heart beats for

And I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(Cause when my nigga need me you know that I got him)
I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(And I ain't gotta worry cause I know I don't doubt him)
My love's so deep, so deep for my nigga
I never let him go and I swear I never quit him
And I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(I'm rollin' with my baby, he know that I'm ridin')
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good love)
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good)

If he says go I ain't askin' questions
I'm packing up my stuff and I'm on the next plane, no brainer baby
I consider him a blessing
So I follow his lead and whatever he says

Cause he always did what he had to do for me
I never have to worry 'bout a thing when I'm with 'em
More than the money and the clothes
And everything I know, is everything my heart beats for

And I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(Cause when my nigga need me you know that I got him)
I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(And I ain't gotta worry cause I know I don't doubt him)
My love's so deep, so deep for my nigga
I never let him go and I swear I never quit him
And I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(I'm rollin' with my baby, he know that I'm ridin')
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good love)
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good)

Cause when you love your man
You'll do anything they need, God damn
When you love your man
It's hard but you make it look easy
(Bang bang)
We be in the 'lac out back, bang bang
I be in the back countin' stacks, bang bang
Every King need a Queen
So I fight for my nigga
Take a life for my nigga
(Bang bang)
And he ain't always right
But he's just right for me

And I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(Cause when my nigga need me you know that I got him)
I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(And I ain't gotta worry cause I know I don't doubt him)
My love's so deep, so deep for my nigga
I never let him go and I swear I never quit him
And I'm a rock this bitch till the wheels fall off
(I'm rollin' with my baby, he know that I'm ridin')
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good love)
That hood love (hood love)
Is that good love (good)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Favorite Quotes

Quotes that I really like (not my words):

"Dirty hands shouldn't point fingers" - Unknown

"God helps those who help themselves" - Greeks (which probably means it originated somewhere in Africa)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ain't That The Fuckin' Truth

Nobody wants to face it,
And they damn sure don't want to face it alone,
It's vast and bright, intimidating,
It digs in you deeper than the ocean,
Determines your level of bravery,
Dances at the sight of your vulnerability.

The truth is the first thing we see when we wake,
And the first thing denied when we put our feet on the floor,
When we walk to the bathroom we remind ourselves of the script,
But what if that script was ripped and you had nothing but...
You'd be left with the truth, fucking with your mind,
Your life, your body, your essence, realized.

By Badilisho Ibwriting

How She Heals

You fell and scraped your knee,
The first person to lift you up was grandma,
As she rocked you back and forth,
With a knowing, she clenched her teeth together,
Firmly placed her tongue to the roof of her mouth,
….and she moaned.

As you laid your head on her bosom, there was a shift,
The sound grew from her chest and vibrated through your being,
You soon forgot about your pain and got lost in the healing,
She rocked, and she rocked you slowly,
And her sound was now your sound,
….and she moaned.

She moaned a song you had never heard,
Yet your spirit found it familiar,
She moaned a song sweet as fruit,
Thick as oil, it was soft yet strong,
Somewhere between the first notice and dried tears,
You realized the tune wasn’t a song,
…and she moaned.

Her spirit was speaking to yours,
She was telling you not to worry,
It will pass as all things will,
In this moment, she relayed abundant love,
You received from her and it was magic,
And when she was done, you ran off to play again,
….and she moaned.

By Badilisho

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mr. President (Ferguson)

Mr. President:

African Americans have been paying the price for your presidency. While we came out in droves to elect you, you have not shown up for us. The situation in Ferguson is representative of the type of harassment that has increased since you took office. I listened to your messages regarding the situation in Ferguson and you tip-toed around the real issue, race relations.

When you held the beer summit for the Boston cop, I knew you were being ill-advised.  Had you took to the airways and challenged Americans to invite a neighbor over to discuss race and the concept of "difference", Michael Brown and many others might still be alive.

There is an undocumented retrograde in the local policing practices and telling African Americans to protest peacefully as they walk pass blood stained sidewalks and streets is unfair and unrealistic.

I am sending you this note in hopes you actually read it and change your approach to this matter. Stop sugar-coating the issue of race in America and call a spade a spade, challenge Americans to put their beliefs on pause and engage each other.

I am heartbroken and disappointed in your performance as a president. We helped to put you where you are, now help us, or were we just a means to an end?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spirit Airlines is a Scam

Spirit Airlines advertises a club membership called "$9 Fare Club".  They charge you $59.95 to join this club. I thought this was a good deal, especially since they fly to all of the cities I want to visit this year. I paid the membership and could see the charge was posted to my account. I was able to log in to the site as a member, but I saw no $9 fares. I searched all the way out to May of this year, and still no $9 fares.  That was a few days ago. Today, I receive an email from Spirit Airline advertising $20 fares for their $9 fare club members. I logged on to their site, somewhat skeptical, to search for these $20 fares. Nothing.  I ran a comparison of the flights that they do offer to those on sites like expedia and  Spirit offers a slightly cheaper flight by adding one or two legs on to the flight. They don't offer comparable one-way flights, but try to give the impression of an actual discount.  I decided to call and ask for a refund. I was asked by the first agent if I read the terms and conditions of the membership. Mind you, his response came off as if this was something he was confronted with on a daily basis. The representative stated that the company offer $9 fares in the past but that $9 fares are rarely available to current customers.  I challenge the exercise of calling a membership a $9 Fare Membership when that's not what's being offered. The representative didn't have an explanation.  I asked to speak to someone who could represent the refund policy of his company. He then transferred me to a representative in the $9 Fare Club division/department. I was then connected to Juki.  I asked Juki (Rep. ID29990) why they advertise the membership as the $9 Fare Club if they don't actually offer $9 fares. Juki immediately leaned on their terms and conditions.  She asked if I read them. I flipped the question on her. "Did you read them? If so, turn to page 2 and read the first paragraph. If you can actually read the small print tell me what it says." Dead silence. After a stern request for a refund and a stern rejection from Juki, I asked to speak with her supervisor. I was then transferred to a young lady by the name of Ice (Rep ID29987). Ice simply restated what was said by Juki. I informed Ice of the actions I would take and asked to speak with their legal department of someone in customer relations. She stated that customer relations doesn't speak to customers directly and that I should go online to fill out a form to communicate with customer relations.  Out of sheer frustration, I asked to speak with her supervisor. After a 10-minute hold, I was transferred to Morris (Rep. ID30195). Morris stated that the fares are discounted by 50%, which is untrue. I informed him that I would try to take legal action if necessary, and asked him for the mailing address to their legal department, which is Spirit Airlines Inc, Attn: Legal Department, 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, FL 33025.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I’m a Fuck Up

Before we begin,
Allow me to apologize,
For I know that I will hurt you,
Somewhere down the line.

I’ll offend your friends,
Talk shit about your old man,
Don’t do what I’m supposed to,
Or maybe I’ll just neglect you.

Whatever it will be,
Know that I don’t mean It,
Many have come before you,
And they made the man you see.

He is flawed but trying,
His ways are raw but dying,
For every glance of you,
Gives hope, gives chance.

I am apologizing now,
For what I will do later,
Can you find it in your heart,
Forgive me now, forever.

By Badilisho

Saturday, January 12, 2013

They Hate Me

I hope on that day they will see my heart,
Until then they will tear me apart,
For who they think I am,
For the man that violated them,
For the questions my soul creates,
They will rip me like paper.

They no longer speak in Your voice,
They have forgotten Your essence,
They walk with anger and discontent,
And compassion is a concept of the past,
When we all come together hold me high,
Show them just how much I am You.

If you do that much for me I will stay here,
I will fight the fight and bleed greatness,
But I will not stay here if they will never see,
My heart beats for them as much as it does for me,
I would die for them and right now it means nothing,
I need You to remember my heart on that day.

By Badilisho


That's heroin singing to us,
As she pulls on her hair,
Tussles with her blouse,
She's sending you a note,
It's sharp and there is dissonance,
Raw with chorus for us.

It runs through her veins,
And as we watch her twitch,
We feel the flow as it eats at her, 
We sway at her rugged delivery,
Yes Valerie, come on over,
Pain is here to sing to us, again.

By Badilisho
(Inspired by A. Winehouse)


I felt the pain,
Gave into the moment,
Stood in silence,
I stirred...slept light,
They called it love,
Some said I would heal,
Why am I still here?

By Badilisho


I may piss some of you off, but this story should be told, 
It's about people who aren't human,
They walk around with the body, but no longer have the spirit,
Empty, cold, selfish and confused,
These are the new people.

They don't help each other, but they help themselves to others.
The new people will throw you under the bus for material gain,
They ask for favors and quickies and they barely know your name,
Souless, they reek of shit and something onion-like,

It's hard to sing this song, 'cause it's too true,
It's hard to sing this song in front of you,
Something tells me you ain't listening anyway.

I have to remind myself not to expect too much,
They no longer feel or care, no longer human.

They are just people.

Don' Kno' Shit

Old man with a book in hand,
Telling me I'm goin' to hell,
Said my skin gon' melt off me,
And I'll ache all over.

Old man don't kno',
He's gon' open the do',
And his eight girlfriends,
They'll be there fa sho'.

Old man don't kno',
He really don't kno',
If hell is for me,
It's home for him for sho'.

By Badilisho

On The Outside

You can hear freedom,
You can taste it,
But it's not yours,
It belongs to everyone but you.

You watch them,
They ignore you,
With each tale of their living,
You die knowing you will never.

By Badilisho

Spit Fire

It’s not the trace of a lollipop,
Or a strawberry flavored gumdrop,
It’s anger boiling at orifice,
That’s what’s inside my mouth.

If I part lips you will see it,
Years of frustration congregating,
Traveling from every nerve,
To my great opening…to be heard.

Denials and defeats,
Fists that beat,
Eyes unseen,
In my mouth.

Unborn babies…cum,
Unlived dreams…spit,
Unseen destiny…dirt,
In my mouth.

They travel through my veins,
Wanting words applied to them,
Red, hot , fierce, fiery words,
They wait in my mouth.

And as I accept this award,
I can only think about…
The fire I dare take credit for,
In my mouth.

By Badilisho

Your Whore

You want my loving,
But not my time,
You want my body,
But not my mind.

Your whore I am,
Use me how you may,
Just promise me one thing,
You tell no one I was nothing. 

By Badilsho

Next To Me

I just want to be loved,
Seen as special,
Seen as good.

Anything else kills me,
My spirit,
My truth.

If you want to do right by me,
Live, next to me.

By Badilisho


There she stands looking at me,
Hoping that one day I'd be,
Her man.

The dream unfolds as I'm stared down,
She has determined my seed,
She's open.

Boy will she be surprised by the truth,
I am lusting after her cousin,
He's hot.

By Badilisho

Put Ya Clothes On

Who you tryna fool with all them games and lies,
Who you tryna play with that element of surprise,
I've been round the mulberry more than enough,
Pack yo' shit, get moving, get up.

You thought I would be captivated by your form,
You thought I'd drool and go goo goo over you,
I know better than that and the roots aren't blonde,
Grab your pants, your shirt and move on.

When you've learned respect, come back,
When you've learned to love you can disrobe,
But for now you got to go, cause I know,
You ain't ready, so put your clothes on.

By Badilisho

Food for Thought

When you can accept correction humbly, you have embraced the essence of being an adult. - Badilisho

Monday, October 8, 2012


What love I give to you,
I look for it in return,
But I get burned.

Much time I put your way,
All because I want you to stay,
But you walk away.

I’m tired of this thing,
I’m the only one who’s giving,
Will you recognize my love.

By Badilisho

Monday, October 1, 2012

No Ugly

In a world full of overt beauty I dare tell the truth,
There are times when it's ugly and harsh,
They only want things that are beautiful and perfect,
They don't want the truth.


Random Thought #4 - Dreams

Random Thought #4

We are all the stuff that dreams are made of. It just depends on who is doing the dreaming.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emily King - No More Room

Live performance by Emily King at the Rockwood Music Hall, September 29, 2012.

Emily King - Keep You To Myself

Last night I treated myself to a live show at Rockwood Music Hall. The artist's name is Emily King ( and she's good at what she does. Enjoy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rock You

I’m an old and worn record player,
And my soul is bigger than my ego,
Let me play through the scratches,
Skips, dips and empty space,
Let me play to your ear,
My old rusty sound from yesteryear.

I’m a creaky rocking chair,
And my comfort is vast and true,
Let me rock your ails away,
Quiet noise in silent space,
I rock, you sway,
Closed eyes, lay deep into me.

Trust me like an old fixture,
I’ll make you feel good,
Leave better than you came,
Cause I rocked you in so many ways,
We’ll find your groove, your smile,
And if as goes well, you’ll stay a while.

By Badilisho
(inspired by A. White)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Thought #3 - Who the hell....

Random Thought #3

Who the hell name's their child Snooki?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Though #2 - No Ugly

Random Though #2:

They only want things that are beautiful and perfect,
They don't want the truth.


Random Thought #1: Loving From The Other Side of the Room

Random Thought #1:

Sometimes we crave companionship so much that we ignore the signs that tell us that someone is not right for us, or we are not right for them.  We can learn about love from someone without being in love with them.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Blue from Jeans

Just stand, if you don't mind,
Let me take it in, from behind,
Makes me lick my lips,
Makes me wanna take a sip,
Can I have drop of your suga' babe?

Sweet with every swish,
Even ya' jeans wanna get hitched,
The thugs showing love,
And girls are killing doves,
You got it all behind you.

Yo' shit is proper...more than drugs,
Give'm something to think...about,
Break'm up down with each step,
Get'em hard..get'em drip,
Now walk away in skinnies.

One less line, I just came.

I rubbing my love,
Putting you in my dreams,
What's got me like this,
Is what's all up in your jeans.

Nicknamin' you phatty,
Or just plain cake,
Can I do you perfectly,
Or one sloppy mistake.

Walk away from me,
Give me wet dreams,
Just don't do more,
Don't wear those jeans.

By Badilisho


Tell me everything I deserve to hear,
I won't go no damn where,
Just lay here with me, and 

Be my comfort without trying,
Be shelter without bricks,
Be my everything without nothing,

Stand with bravery,
Sit in peace,
Scream as you protect me,
Laugh as you comfort,
Stand there, sit, giggle,
Just be...with me.

By Badilisho

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Creating Some Place To Go

I'm easy to get under, but hard to get over.
Be careful with me, cause...
I’m in your blood…all in your space,
I affixed that smile upon your face,
I am not to be taken for granted.

When I’m gone I’m like bad wine, bitter,
Trickling quickly down to the floor,
I’m like a baby with fever,
Pained--peace no more.

Treat me good while I’m here,
And I’ll have no other place to go,
Do you prefer sweet to bitter,
Or will we drink with smiles?

When you recount these moments,
You’ll see that I’m pure good,
When you reach for these memories,
You’ll realize that you didn’t see me.

As if I was all those other he’s,
Who burned your kind soul,
If only you could forgive them,
I would have no other place to go.

I’m easy to love, but hard to hate,
You’ll try, but my mark will birth smiles,
I’m in your head, your crawl, you heart, your balls,
Yet I am leaving ‘cause you took me for less.

Every kind gesture, every simple smile,
They will mean more when I gone,
Like cheap old wine,
I trickle down your spine,
Spilling on the floor,
I evaporate,
No more.

By Badilisho

Friday, June 1, 2012

What's Not Mine - Starving

Just when I got ready to taste the victory of finding love,
Your past pushes me away from the table,
Further than I've ever been,
I starve.

I saw your light before I saw your eyes,
No matter how bright you are,
That light is for someone else,
I starve.

I am down to nothing,
Less than before,
He is yours,
I starve.

By Badilisho

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I smile, but I am not happy,
I dance, but I am not moved,
Until we do this together,
I am not complete.

I will not journey without you,
When I am in the temple,
When I walk the gardens,
When I rest you are here.

Your woes, your ills, your wretchedness,
All chambered in my heart,
If I am in the east, you are, too,
When I fall, I pain, you bruise.

I cannot attain without you,
Connected at the middle,
We will face the light together,
Never denying, I am you.

By Badilisho

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The New Niggers....

Today, blacks are no longer the litmus paper or the barometer of social change.  Blacks are in every segment of society and there are laws that help to protect them from racial discrimination.  The new "niggers" are gays...It is in this sense that gay people are the new barometer for social change...The question of social change should be framed with the most vulnerable group in mind: gay people.

-Bayard Rustin

While I agree with Bayard, I offer up a further mental dig. Based on Bayard's rationale, the actual new niggers are Black lesbians.  They are female, black and carry a sexual identification that automatically places them into a third subculture.  They are triple-dipped in minority status. It's no wonder why they walk around so angry.

How To Identify A Stalker

1. When they laugh really hard at your jokes and you know the shit ain't even funny.
2. When their eyes are seated just a little too close.
3. When they tell you in the first convo "I'm not the type to stalk people". Be forewarned...they are!
4. When they ask for your phone number, Facebook and twitter after talking to you for 10 minutes.
5. When their friends are looking at you like "don't do it player...walk away".


This Blog Is Not Dead

I've been taking a break from blogging but I'm back. I hope those that followed before will jump back on the bandwagon.  I will post a series of poems that I've drafted during my hiatus.  Hotep!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shit Sticks

The bees, they buzz for me,
Cause my name is honey,
And the birds, they chirp in my honor,
Cause I’m fly.

Everything knows my greatness,
Except for you with all your lateness,
Still tryna figure out,
I am, that I am.

I’m breeze brushing your lobes,
The rocks underneath ya feet,
Your stance I stabilize,
And still you don’t know who I am.

You better ask the bees,
Get some advice from birds,
Have a sit with the breeze,
Maybe the rocks have a word.

But whatever they tell you,
It won’t be more true than this,
I’m the shit that never leaves,
You might want to get to know me.

By Badilisho

Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Reason

When I leave don’t cry,
I’ll need you to be happy,
Be happy we had a chance,
Be happy we had a dance,
Be happy that we shared life,
Work now to have no reason to cry.

Those who cry have regrets,
And some are just selfish,
Please don’t be one of them,
Say the words you want to say,
Be with me however you may,
But don’t have a reason to cry.

When I close my eyes you should smile,
Remember me and taste sweet on your mind,
Tell stories of our laughter and lessons,
Etch me into the future and do it with a smile,
When I close my eyes you will be with me,
With no reason…just sweet memories.

By Badilisho

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Artist

Three months of bliss,
Day 91 that all changed,
He showed his true colors,
And they are here on my face.

Black, blue, red and yellow,
I wear them in the dark,
Quietly and fearfully waiting,
I am sure he will add more.

He paints me when I slip,
He paints me when I sleep,
Constantly stroking his brush,
Unfortunately, I am his masterpiece.

He is the artist of agony,
Slick and discreet,
His work is hard and robust,
And my face is his canvas.

By Badilisho

Note: Inspired by the web series entitled JustUs (

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bit by the Bug

He packed his car and headed to NYC,
He imagine sweet and big ole dreams,
He met cute boys, tall ones, and big ones too,
They called him boo and stroked his ego…ooo,
And every now and then...they would pay. 

So his dreams got tucked far away,
In the meantime was fun time,
And he realized just how hot he was,
He was the “It” boy...the shit boy,
He was the number one lay.

Soon a strong cough paid him a visit,
And a bruise that wouldn’t go away,
He lost his energy…his looks,
And no boy called to say “are you ok”,
He, the shadow of a sweet dream.

Now his mother wipes his ass,
Feeds him dinner, lunch and breakfast,
He sleeps in the daytime,
And cries at night,
Big dreams gone to the wayside.

By Badilisho

She called your name,
But she was with him,
She fearfully said "I'm sorry",
And he gave her hem,
He hit her twice, 
Let her go.

You've got to let her go,
Back to what she knows,
You know you don't want her,
And she's under your spell,
He'll keep her there,
But not for long.

Laying horizontal...he hit her spot,
Images of you flashed in her mind,
She wind hips and grabbed his behind,
With vigor she screamed your name,
And with that he came with cum and fist,
If you care enough...let her go.

By Badilisho